Universal OBDsaver security lock to fit any vehicle!

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The Universal OBDsaver is a cost effective security lock which prevents criminals attaching electronic equipment to the OBDII port and hacking the vehicle by either reprogramming a new key, bypassing the engine immobiliser or disabling the security features. The lock is simple to install and it’s secured in place using four security coded screws supplied.

  • No hard wiring or cutting required, therefore it does not invalidate any manufactures warranty.
  • 4 security screws which provides extra strength above other locks.
  • Permanently stays in place unlike steering wheel locks or pedal locks.
  • DIY installation, so there is no additional installation charges incurred.
  • No software or coded equipment used, therefore there is no possibility of thieves ‘hacking’ the system.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Q: Will the diagnostic socket be destroyed or severely damaged?

A: No, the screws are positioned in such a way that  the contacts can not be  short-circuited. The screws form the thread at a harmless point. The function  of  the OBD socket is  100%  preserved. There will be minimal traces of the thread, but these will  not have any  negative effects. 

Q: Does the diagnostic connection still work for the workshop/TÜV after assembly/disassembly?

A: Yes, the  function  and duties of the OBD socket/diagnostic socket  remain unchanged. 

Q: How do the screws hold tight in the plastic?

A: Due to the special position and shape, plastic (diagnostic socket) and metal (OBD saver) form a firm connection. Due to its optimized nature, the OBDS also offers no point of attack for violent removal.

Q: Thread wear / thread stripping in plastic ?

A: Over-tightening is prevented by a guide in the OBD saver. The screws are always guided in the same way, so that wear and tear on the OBD socket (made of plastic) is minimized. Thread flanks and screws always meet at the same position.

Q: Are there any issues with the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty?

A: The OBDS has been successfully tested and validated by several vehicle manufacturers. No manufacturer raised concerns about the warranty. You can see an example from a well-known manufacturer under this  LINK   .

When any servicing or diagnostic work is required, the Universal OBDsaver can simply be removed using the unique individual coded tool.

Part no: OBDUVB – RRP £114.50

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  • 1 x Universal OBDsaver lock
  • 4 x Coded screws (over 300 different variants) which offers extra strength over other locks.
  • 1 x Coded unlocking tool SW8
  • 1 x Socket wrench SW8
  • 2 x OBD security window stickers
  • Will fit any make and model.
  • 4 x Coded screws (over 300 different variants) which offers extra strength over other locks.
  • For an added extra layer of security, please order the Universal Plus model.
  • The OBD-Saver Universal Basic is not compatible with vehicles from Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), please use the specific OBD-Saver Mercedes Benz (SW10005) or the OBD-Saver Universal Plus 
For vehicle specific locks please refer to the Vehicle Compatibility List to ensure that you order the correct part number.