Official figures show keyless car crime is on the increase! Criminals can steal a car without the owner’s keys using a £30 hacking tool. This device is capable of reprogramming a blank key in less than a minute. Prevent this type of car crime by fitting an OBDsaver to your vehicle. Don’t just block it… LOCK it!

Currently there are OBDsaver locks available for the following vehicle manufactures:

AUDI ~ BMW ~ FORD ~ LAND ROVER ~ MAZDA ~ MERCEDES ~ MAN~ PORSCHE ~ SEAT ~ SKODA ~ TOYOTA ~ VW ~ more models currently in development.

Key features:

  • The OBDsaver remains permanently in place. Most other locking systems (steering wheel, shift lever or pedal locks) have to be attached after each journey.
  • Completely encloses and secures the OBDII port.
  • More than 3000 key variations with side key entry for maximum protection against attack.
  • Made from high strength Aluminium.

The OBDsaver is a security lock which prevents criminals attaching equipment to the OBDII port and hacking the vehicle by either reprogramming a new key, bypassing the engine immobiliser or disabling the security features. When any servicing or diagnostic work is required, the OBDsaver can simply be removed using a unique individual high security key.