CB7-SCP Bus Interface

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The CB7 is designed to read vehicle speed and engine speed data from Ford vehicles equipped with SCP Bus. The Bus is sometimes referred to as J1850 PWM. It therfore will work on virtually all Ford vehicles that have the 16-pin OBD-II connector. It also covers early versions of the Jaguar S-type.

Note : its important that the CB7 is powered from an ignition supply. Full ignition (i.e. engine running) not auxiliary ignition.

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Voltage Supply +6V to +13.8 VDC
Road Speed 3600 Pulses/mile
  • Jaguar S-type (1998-2001)
  • Ford vehicles with 16 pin OBD-II connector
I/O Function Wire Colour
1 Ground Black
1 +12v Power(Must be ignition switched feed) Red
0 Road Speed Orange
0 Reverse Green
1 SCP Bus + Yellow
1 SCP Bus - Blue